What do you see as the most important issues facing North Carolina? If elected, what are your top three priorities in addressing those issues?

The most important issues facing North Carolina are a living wage for every working person, affordable healthcare for every citizen,  and quality education for all children. If elected, I would begin addressing quality education, a living wage, and affordable healthcare as soon as possible, but not necessarily in that order. The quality of one's education can impact the income one may attain, but not necessarily true in today's society. Therefore all populations are at risk if these issues are not adequately addressed.

 Are there specific needs in your district that you would add to that list? How do you propose to address them?

District 33 is home to two high schools.  I would like to propose programs which require parental involvement from the elementary level through the high school level. Models which replicate the structure and success of the NCSU's MSEN- Pre College program. Parental involvement is a missing link in successful young adults, both academically and socially.

 What in your record as a public official or other experience demonstrates your ability to be effective on the issues you've identified? Please be as specific as possible in relating past accomplishments to current goals.

My experience as a president of parent groups in elementary through high school has shown that parental involvement makes a difference. It has also afforded me the opportunity to mentor to children whose parent(s) could not attend functions and observe first hand the impact on a family when parents have to work multiple jobs to provide the necessities for the family. It is vital to our survival to find ways to end generational poverty and all that it may breed. Interventions put in place through PTAs and Parent involvement Groups provide guidance for students, but also provide nonthreatening guidance to adults.
 As I have worked with thousands of state employees, I have listened to their concerns of obtaining and maintaining affordable healthcare funds and services. I have navigated through challenges concerning benefits and services so I constantly have the pulse of state employees in the best of times and the worst of times. I know their struggles with current wages and benefits.  I am committed to serving the present and retired employees of this state by informing them of any and all applicable opportunities.
 How do you define yourself politically, and how does your political philosophy show itself in your past achievements and present campaign platform?

I view myself as a liberal politician who unequivocally believes in "People First". My campaign platform is all about the people of North Carolina and what they are yearning for and deserving of. Resources and equal opportunities in education, in the work place, and after retirement should be expectations of their government.

 We must build a just community in the Triangle. Please point to a specific position in your platform that would, if achieved, help further that goal.

A living wage for each working person, would provide a family with possibly two incomes which meet the bare needs of the family and afford parents time to spend nurturing and raising their children. It would allow people more time to become involved with their community and school, thereby producing healthier, happier homes and communities.

. Identify and explain one principled stand you would be willing to take if elected that you suspect might cost you some popularity points with voters.

Quality education for all children regardless of their socio-economic status or residential area is an area I am willing to take a stand.  Public education was designed to balance the doors of opportunity for all children. This structure benefits society locally as well as globally. Public education has been the reality as well as the illusion of public trust. It's intent of equal resources for all students deserved to be preserved; for the benefit of all mankind.

 North Carolina is sending record numbers of people to prison, and when they're released, they're often lost and get in trouble again. We must porvide initiative is aimed at breaking this vicious cycle and reducing the recidivism rate. As a legislator, what would you propose that she and the General Assembly do to help?

A. Immediately after incarceration, prisoners should receive counseling- and the counseling should continue throughout their term.

 B. More resources should be directed toward jobs and skills training wherein prisoners can find meaningful employment upon release.

C. Parole Officers should be trained to assist ex-offenders in finding and keeping jobs.

 Health care: What should the state do next to address the problem of adults and children without adequate health care or insurance? What do you propose to do to address the mental health crisis?

Daycares and schools should help the state determine whether children have
health insurance. Both should direct their parents to health resources including mental health care.

Health educators along with social workers should be required to assist the uninsured in getting health coverage.

What is your position on capital punishment in North Carolina? If in favor, will you support a moratorium on executions while the question of whether the death penalty can be administered fairly is studied by the General Assembly?

I am not in favor of capital punishment in North Carolina and I would support a moratorium on executions which the question of fair administration is studied by the General Assembly.

Do you support women's reproductive rights, including the "right to choose" as set out by the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade? Given that North Carolina has the ninth highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation, do you support medically accurate sex education that includes information about birth control?

I do support women having the "right to choose" and I firmly support medically accurate sex education inclusive of information about birth control. Knowledge is key.

Should public employees have the right to bargain collectively in North Carolina?

It should be a right for state employees to collectively bargain. The contractual agreements between the two parties strengthens the employee-employer relationship and gives everyone a voice in the benefits structure.